Much ado about a bike rack


By Karen Kennedy

Bike Rack

Reader questions have arisen of late about both the price and the whereabouts of the car-shaped bike rack that was purchased by the Community Relations Commission for the Arts & Design District.

The bike rack was purchased in June of last year from a London-based company called Cyclehoop. The purchase price, including shipping, was 4830 pounds, which converted into $7,760.36 at the time of purchase, according to the invoice. The bike rack was selected for both form and function, as its unique design makes it a useful piece of art in keeping with the overall theme of the Arts and Design District, according to the commission.

A ribbon cutting was held last year on Bike to Work day, but the bike rack was then put into storage while a portion of Main Street was being repaved, and while bollards were installed on the side street to protect it from vehicles.

The bike rack is now back in place and in use on the southern façade of Bub’s Burgers on Main Street.