Before and After: Open-porch feel


This house is located in the Austin Oaks subdivision in Zionsville. The home was built in 2000. The homeowner has lived in the house four years.


IO-0818-Larry Greene Before 3

1. Uncovered patio with little to no sun made space dirty and unusable

2. Wanted to keep the fire pit and have a nicer more usable outdoor space with more seating.


IO-0818-Larry Greene After 4

1. The new design makes sure the new porch doesn’t look like an add on

2. More usable outdoor space with seating for entertainment

IO-0818-Larry Greene After 5

3. New design keeps the porch feeling open.

IO-0818-Larry Greene After 3

4. Homeowner loves the new built-in cedar bench area. It’s great for lounging and reading and the cedar really adds a touch of warmth.

5. Loves being able to put lanterns and décor above the bench.

IO-0818-Larry Greene After 1

6. Worked with an existing retaining wall to create built-in cedar bench which also helped hide the transition from the house to the new covered porch

IO-0818-Larry Greene After 2

7. Had to use a mix of pavers and stamped concrete because of the columns but they ended up working well together

8. Client didn’t want it to look like an add on so it was a challenge to work with the existing windows and roof to make this happen, the carpenters did a great job




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