Geist homeowners combat criminal solicitors


Geist area residents have experienced an unusual wave of crime this summer. The situation was a subtle one, with criminals simply walking up to homeowners front doors and ringing the doorbell. Posing as salesman, criminals simply go door-to-door asking homeowners basic questions that would seem to be normal for a salesman. In one case reported by Geist Patrol and Fishers Police Department, a couple posed as a pest control business.

This week, the Geist Homeowners Association announced that it would be spending up to $2000 to install signage stating “No Solicitation” at every neighborhood entrance within the area, according to The move aims to help deter these soliciting criminals from attempting more solicitation schemes in the area.

“This summer we have found plenty of solicitors that are not legit. They’re using the cover of,  ‘I’m a carpet cleaner,’ or ‘I sell sweepers,’ or ‘I’m from an exterminator company,’” said IMPD Major Jim Cleek. “They talk to you and they scout out your house, because in a few minutes if, I’m talking with you, I can find out a lot.”

Police found that some solicitors were using the information to then mark houses, such as those that had dogs on the property.

“We’ve had incidences on multiple jurisdictions where they are marking houses. We’ve had solicitors marking mailboxes with thumbtacks, leaves and other things.”


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