‘Back Home Again’ now at HCAA

The “Back Home Again” exhibit will feature art by local artists, such as Rodney Reveal. (File photo)

The “Back Home Again” exhibit will feature art by local artists, such as Rodney Reveal. (File photo)

By Joseph Knoop

“Back Home Again,” a gallery presented by the Hamilton County Artist’s Association, will run from now until Oct. 16 at the HCAA gallery at 195 Fifth St. in Noblesville.

The gallery features noted artists from surrounding communities with works reminiscent of Indiana, including pastoral fields, small towns, city life, and traditional home comforts.

“It reflects our own area, so people interpret it different ways,” vice president in charge of exhibitions Carol Griffith said.

Various mediums of artwork will be displayed, including oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors, and even stenography.

The HCAA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1950 by nine area artists with the expressed purpose of promoting local artwork, to further artists’ interests via education and exhibits, and encourage the study of art by all. To that end, the HCAA is known for providing $1,000 scholarships to area art students and summer workshops for budding artists.

The nonprofit was granted use of the First Baptist Church in Noblesville, a historic black church, in 2006, and served as the organization’s first permanent place to display its members’ artwork.

“It’s a little off the beaten path, you have to make an effort to get there, so not everyone is familiar with it, but it’s a really cool place to visit,” Griffith said. “It’s a great little venue. I wish more people would visit it and we had more visibility.”

The gallery features the works of artists such as Rodney Reveal (watercolors, western themes), Roseann Crowell (pastels, portraits), Donna Arnold (watercolor, caricatures), and Robert Daugherty, a former White House AP photographer.

“We’re hoping we can reach out to the community,” Griffith said. “We want people to see we have artists who are amazing and that we’re an active group of people that need to be seen.”

Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. For more information, go to HCAA-IN.org.