Inglenook pocket neighborhood coming to Zionsville

Inglenook cottage homes feature large front porches to allow residents to easily meet and interact with their neighbors. (Submitted photo)

Inglenook cottage homes feature large front porches to allow residents to easily meet and interact with their neighbors. (Submitted photo)

By Mark Ambrogi

The pocket neighborhood concept is coming to Zionsville.

Inglenook of Zionsville will feature 48 cottage homes clustered in small groups around common green spaces. The development will be on 17 acres of woodlands just south of 106th Street on Zionsville Road. The exact name of the neighborhood is to be determined.

Megan Leahy, Inglenook marketing director, said the concept of a pocket neighborhood is very new to the Midwest and Indiana.

“Casey Land, our builder, is the first to bring the concept of Ross Chapin’s pocket neighborhoods and front porch living to Indiana,” said Leahy, Land’s daughter.

In a typical Midwestern subdivision, Leahy said, big homes with garage doors face the main street. Homes in a pocket neighborhood face a common courtyard.

“You’re not greeted by giant garage door and huge house,” Leahy said. “You’re greeted by warm gardens, friendly pedestrian walkways, big green space in the middle.”

Land has built one other pocket neighborhood in Carmel off 99th Street and Maple Drive. There are 27 homes on five acres on that site.

“In Indiana, you are used to the oversized pretty much everything,” Leahy said. “This is about an instant community you move into.”

Leahy said the front porch plays a large part in the community and homes.

The front porches act as an extension of the home – they’re even large enough for a picnic table and family dinner.

There will be one two-bedroom home, called a Betty design. There also will be three- and four-bedroom homes, a Plumrose design.

Leahy said they are working on the first phase of the neighborhood and have sold three of the 16 homes. Home construction will likely begin in early summer.

“Each home is situated on their personal lot,” Leahy said. “The exact size of the home sites will vary depending upon the footprint of the home on the given lot.”

Leahy said there are huge windows with lots of natural light.

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  1. ZVilleResident on

    Translation: we are building a development of cheap, poorly constructed homes that all look the same, which will add to congestion and continue to degrade the small-town feel of Zionsville.

  2. These homes are not cheap, in cost or quality. The idea is high-quality, smaller homes made with care, and the communities are wonderfully well-designed. Look at Ross Chapin’s website for more information- You should know what you’re talking about before you comment.

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