Opinion: Referendum deserves ‘yes’ vote


I am a pragmatist.

I’m too lazy to get caught up in emotional conversations regarding politics, pop culture or local gossip. I rarely engage in controversial issues unless I fully understand both sides and feel passionate about the topic.

In other words, I’m boring and probably the guy at your party who’s trying to guide the conversation to classic TV shows or great ’80s hip-hop.

However, I’ve decided it’s time to chime in on an extremely important issue for anyone who lives in Hamilton Co.

On May 3, we will have the opportunity to vote on an HSE Schools referendum that is proposing a property tax of 22.75¢ per $100 assessed home value. So, if you own a home worth $250,000 you’d pay an extra $165 more per year in property taxes.

Let me start by saying that I’ve been wired since birth to oppose a tax increase of any kind. So, when I first heard about this referendum, I was extremely skeptical.

But the more I learned, the more I realized how important a “yes” vote is to all of the residents of HSE school district.

As a parent, the benefits are clear. A “yes” vote will provide $17 million annually for the next seven years and all of these funds will go directly to impact our kids. These funds will allow us to keep the best teachers (who are already in the lower third for teacher salaries compared to area school districts), and add 43 new teacher positions to help reduce class sizes.

Better teachers and smaller class sizes are significant benefits to parents in the HSE district. But they aren’t the only ones who benefit from a “yes” vote. All homeowners will enjoy the greater appreciation as a direct result of having an exceptional school system.

Join me in making HSE the best district in the state by voting yes on May 3.


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