Column: Q&A: Create the perfect space


Commentary by Randy Sorrell

More questions and answers for outdoor designing

What are the greatest challenges in outdoor designing/installing incredible indoor/outdoor living spaces?

  • Often, it’s simply teasing out the details of how the space will be used and what sort of furniture is imagined. Occasionally, it’s negotiating competing visions between the homeowners. Regardless, it’s a compelling and fluid process that feels like an elegant dance. Hopefully.

Has 3-D imaging helped the customers’ vision process?

  • Absolutely! As has Houzz and Pinterest with shared story boards of favorite images for inspiration. All are wonderful tools when fueled with our abbreviated materials library.

Oooh, materials library! What’s that?

  • Our curated display of preferred materials in our design studio. When sewn together with the client and design, the visioning improves dramatically.

Any suggestions on getting the best performance from installation teams?

  • Generally, these are very hard-working men and women who appreciate being appreciated. A kind “hello” carries the day. Follow that with “may I bring you bottles of water or some snacks?” and get ready for exceptional performance.

Any inspirational thoughts on outdoor living?

  • There’s growing recognition that well-designed spaces can be a place of healing.  Mentally, spiritually and even physically. If you haven’t experienced that, please invite that into your living. In my view, it’s similar to yoga or a great bout of cardio buzz.

Tell us about the featured project photo:

Very crisp, modern and linear design that Tom Korecki, a brilliant designer in the IDC, imagined with the thrilled Carmel homeowners. It coordinates smartly with the Korecki-inspired interior. The cut Indiana Limestone steps and wall caps create a sexy story and sets an easy tone for the space. It’s immediately livable, warm and inviting, encouraged by the fashionable landscape, elegant furniture and edgy grill station. Perhaps the 2017 favorite!