Column: More questions and answers for outdoor designing


Commentary by Randy Sorrell

Q19. How does budget influence a project?

Most clients have some sort of budget, and knowing a broad range certainly guides the process and helps sets expectations. Material selection impacts cost as well as size of patio and plant maturity.  Squeezed budgets require open minds. Big budgets stimulate fun options. Both fuel creativity.

Q20. Curves or straight lines?

The style of home and imagined feel of the space strongly drives that. We love curves but they are often overdone. The most compelling modern spaces are linear and built from straight lines, squares and rectangles. Natural spaces can be more “curvelicious.” I especially dig using linear on patios and long flowing curvilinear bed lines to pull each together.

Q21. What’s on your patio playlist?

Always Sting. Pink Martini’s, Mumford, U2 (of course), Thadeous Monk.  Anything Songbook, authentic jazz, blues. All driven by the evening, event, mood, wine and food.

Q22. What’s on your heavy grill rotation?

Grilling is thrilling. Soy/garlic salmon, balsalmic asparagus with toasted sesame seeds, dry rubs, herbs, seshame tuna naked or with soy/ginger, basil pesto chicken/pearl onion/bell skewers. Can’t forget Brussel sprouts with bacon chunks/onion and garlic. Sliced cauliflower heavily seasoned (thanks to Jason R.) Text me for recipes.

Q23.  HGTV. Help or hindrance?

Yes. Both.

Q24.  Ideal customer?

Happy, grateful, open-minded, thrilled, calm.

Q25. Thrill us with details on the featured project!

Happy to! Very linear overall design. This picture is taken from the existing covered porch that we capped with noche travertine. The grill station in the background is very modular. Very simple yet commanding. The new grill was partially disassembled and housed inside the Hessit wall stone. Wonderful counter space on each side for prep and a very edgy bar counter that seems to float on the counter.