Letter: Taking God’s name in vain is profanity



It was with some surprise and disappointment that I was greeted with a profanity in the opening salvo of the “Goodbye summer” article (published in Aug. 8’s opinion section).

As a practicing Catholic, I take my faith very seriously. The column was headlined with “humor” as the tag. It was not funny to me.

Doctors used to take the Hippocratic Oath that includes a ‘do no harm’ line. Writers might adhere to more of a ‘do not offend’ stance. In this hyper-sensitive time that we live, my humble caution is be careful when putting something in print. You might consider steering way clear of writing something that you wouldn’t say in front of a room of grandparents.

Your audience might be larger than you imagine.

Taking God’s name in vain, whether in print or conversationally, is not acceptable in our home (and I dare say many of your readership).

Sorry folks, you stepped in it this time.

MJ Krauter, Geist area


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