Letter: Kids at risk when drivers speed through neighborhoods 


Mayor Brainard,

I’m concerned about the speed on my street. People are going faster than 20 mph on Carmel View Drive, which is where I live. All of the construction on 4th Street has made it worse.

For a solution we could make a bigger print speed limit sign so people could see it better when coming to the street, or if not we could get a “children at play” sign or even paint it on the street. Another suggestion is that we put flashing lights at the intersection.

The reason that I am worried about this situation is because we have had people drive into our yard and hit our mailbox because they were going too fast around the curb. That’s why my mom and grandparents are worried for me, people who walk to and from school and the other few children on this street. All four of us don’t want anybody to get hurt in any way.

Lyric Meyer, third-grade student at Carmel Elementary School