KingCal Kitchen expands in Carmel


The new KingCal Kitchen on Range Line Road in Carmel opened six weeks ago. Submitted photo

By Rick Morwick

Hamed Nouri is well-versed in the science of health, diet and fitness.

Now, he’s getting up to speed on the business side of those disciplines.

A Fishers resident, Nouri has a doctorate in pharmacy, a collection of bodybuilding championships and is co-owner of KingCal Kitchen, a wellness business that offers healthy, pre-packaged meals and a weight-management program.

Nouri operates KingCal Kitchen with his brother, Sam. They opened their first location inside LA Fitness, 2744 E 146th St., in Carmel in early 2016. They opened their most recent Carmel location, 1315 S. Range Line Rd., about six weeks ago.

“We are getting pretty good numbers,” Nouri said. “Our sales are going up every day.”

Originally targeted for bodybuilders and fitness buffs, KingCal Kitchen caters to anyone who wants to eat and live healthy. The primary components of its business are pre-packaged, portion-controlled meals made from fresh ingredients and, more recently, personal weight-management programs.

Customers can buy pre-packaged meals to take home or order a freshly prepared lunchtime meal in the cafe.  They also can sign up for weight loss plans that Nouri — a two-time state champion natural (sterioid-free) bodybuilder — oversees.

“Our customers range from professional sports players to stay at-home moms,” said Nouri, a native of Tehran, Iran, who moved to the U.S. in 2012. “We cater to anyone looking to improve their lifestyle.”

Nouri and his brother, who moved to the U.S. in 2004, launched KingCal Kitchen out of a spirit of altruism and entrepreneurship.

“Even though I’m a pharmacist, I decided not to continue practicing because I realized I can help our community get healthy in a different way,” Nouri said. “So, we opened this company to provide healthy, fresh, never frozen, portion-controlled meals. By weighing all the meals individually, our customers know exactly what they are getting in each meal.”

Menu options range from saffron chicken to beef/lamb kabobs to an assortment of seafood, vegan, breakfast and snack items.

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