Carmel school board approves $8.2 million bond for Carmel High School, Forest Dale Elementary upgrades


The Carmel Clay Schools board of trustees met Jan. 8 to approve bonds for facility upgrades and make 2018 appointments.

What happened: The board approved a resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of $8.2 million in general obligation bonds.

What it means: The bonds will fund facility improvements at Carmel High School, roof replacement and other upgrades at Forest Dale Elementary and technology upgrades throughout the district. The board approved a three-year term for the bonds with an estimated interest rate at 2.25 percent and $383,427 estimated total interest cost.


What happened: The school board elected officers for 2018.

What it means: Layla Spanenberg and Pamela Knowles will continue in their roles as president and vice president, respecitively. Katie Browning will replace Michael Kerschner as board secretary.

What’s next: The terms will expire at the end of the year.


What happened: The board made several appointments for 2018.

What it means: The board appointed Roger McMichael as treasurer; Kara Kollros as deputy treasurer; David Day as general counsel; Colleen Nobis as executive secretary; Christi Cloud as cable television representative; Michael Kerschner as the Indiana School Boards Association delegate and Indiana School Boards Association legislative liaison; Katie Browning as Carmel Clay Parks representative; and Michael Kerschner as Carmel Redevelopment Commission representative.

What’s next: The appointments will last through 2018.