Carmel mayor recovers from surgery to correct sleep disorder

Mayor Jim Brainard

Mayor Jim Brainard

For more than a decade, Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard said he’s had trouble sleeping at night.

Sleep apnea, caused by his sinuses, has made it difficult for him to sleep well at night, and the issue wasn’t improving, he said.

“It’s gotten worse,” he said. “It was a struggle. I wasn’t getting the deep REM sleep that you need.”

On March 26, Brainard underwent surgery at IU Health University Hospital in downtown Indianapolis.

“It was tough to function well,” he said. “I was tired and constantly falling asleep. That’s all been fixed.”

Nearly a year ago, Brainard was in an automobile accident in Carmel when his Ford Fusion crossed the center line. After the accident, he told police he was fatigued.

Brainard was out of the office for nearly two weeks when he recovered from the surgery, but he was available via email and he communicated regularly with staff and constituents. He said it was a painful ordeal because doctors performed a tonsillectomy.

“It’s much easier to have that done when you’re a child,” he said.



  1. Robert E. Waring on

    Obesity greatly increases the risk of sleep apnea. Fat deposits around your upper airway can obstruct your breathing. Get well soon, we need you avoiding field sobriety checks ASAP!

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