Letter: Residents frustrated by 106th Street construction


Mr. Farnham,

Good evening. The article in (May 22) Current in Fishers (page 12) states, “We thank residents for their patience and cooperation with us.” Have you talked to residents and asked about their level of patience? Have you had to tack on an extra 15 minutes to your commute to accommodate for this construction? Have you had to replace more than one tire on more than one vehicle? My oldest, who attends Riverside, has had to catch the bus 10 minutes earlier. I have been over 20 minutes late to work because the Fishers elementary bus was trapped because of unexpected road closure changes. When there was work being done, the routes were being changed hourly and you had no idea which alternate route to take. There was one instance I was completely trapped in my neighborhood!

“We continue to encourage them to use alternate routes and try not to sneak through.” That little dirt path on 106th Street for a few days was awesome. It saved so much time! If there was constant work being done that required the road to be closed, fine, understandable. I work from home several days a week and no work has been done for at least a month. Why can’t we have one lane? One lane could be open to accommodate residents! The attitude in the article does not come across as this project being sensitive to residents dealing with it on a daily basis. Instead it says the latter – the residents appear to be the nuisance.

Please consider my comments – they echo the sentiments of many in the affected community.


Sarah Cooper



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  1. Brian Hansen on

    I concur with all your points. I have no idea which way to go on a daily basis! Well, I guess I could always go straight to the log jams known as Allisonville Rd or 116th Street. Frustrating is a nice way to put it.

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