Letter: A solution for unwanted solicitors



I thank the Carmel City Council and Mayor Brainard for their efforts to keep down the number of door-to-door solicitations we get in Carmel. Since it appears that the “no-knock list” might not be implemented, I have a solution to share. It has worked quite well for our household. I devised this solution after moving here 17 years ago and receiving numerous “solicitors” at our door, some who were very obviously casing the house, others who were selling bogus products, etc.

I put up a notice on a 3-by-5 index card right over our doorbell which reads: “No solicitors, surveyors, petitioners, etc., unless you are a resident of (our neighborhood).” It worked almost like magic. For the past 16 years, we’ve maybe had only two to three knocks. On those rare occasions, I called the Carmel police, and they came immediately. One of those knocks was a known criminal ring which had already been “kicked out of” Carmel, a reminder never to open one’s door to strangers.

I think I’ll add “unless you are a Girl Scout” to my list of exceptions!

Connie Latas, Carmel


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