Letter: We all benefit from strong, safe schools



I have had three children in Noblesville schools since 2011. During this time, we have been consistently impressed with the quality of people involved with their education.

From administrators to teachers, we have experienced a talented group of educators who continue to impress us every day. Individuals like Beth Niedermeyer, Jeff Bryant, Stacey Swan, Pat Haney, Kristie Cassidy, Peggy Wood, Jason Seaman, Katelyn Koons, Alex Axsom and Stacey White are as dedicated, compassionate and intelligent as they come. We should never take any of them for granted.

There are dozens and dozens more, and they all deserve to teach and work in a safe environment, as our students deserve to learn in a safe environment. They also deserve to be compensated fairly for their experience, dedication and expertise. Our community is beyond blessed to have such amazing individuals impacting our children’s lives and futures.

We all benefit from strong, safe schools, whether we have students there or not.

Please consider this and vote yes for the Noblesville Schools referendum on Nov. 6.

Nathan Lambert



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