Letter: Many reasons to re-elect mayor



How long has Fred Glynn lived in Carmel? I moved here in 1992. Why? A company transfer and my boss advised me to “stay out of Fishers – the traffic is terrible.” Also, the schools were good and resale value high.

The town? No much to speak of – a lumberyard and elevator company on Main Street. Carmelot was the main park and soon closed.

In 1995 we elected a mayor with vision. Carmel has grown in numbers and in businesses and in beauty and in roundabouts and in performing arts and in Monon Trails and in the Monon Community Center and in Central Park and in the Christkindlmarkt with skating rink and in City Center and in public art.

It is insulting to assume people who voted for Brainard only have “name identification” to go on. My property taxes are lower than my friends in Westfield and Fishers, and I rarely have a reason to go north of 146th Street or south of 96th Street. I love living in Carmel and have “adulation” for our mayor who has made our city better every year he has been our mayor.

I hope everyone will join me on May 7 to re-elect our visionary Mayor Jim Brainard.

Mary Kinietz-Boyden, Carmel


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