“Fools” walks into ZCHS


By Heather Lusk

It has a message of acceptance and living life to the fullest, all wrapped in a comedy about people cursed to be idiots.

Neil Simon’s play, “Fools,” will be presented at Zionsville Community High School with a cast of 20 students from April 18 to 20. Showtimes are 7 p.m. each evening.

Kate Luke, who plays the female lead Sophia, said the message of living life is similar to last year’s show, “Our Town,” but in a different context.

Kate Luke, left, and Amy Birge play cursed fools in Neil Simon’s “Fools” (submitted photo).

“This is the polar opposite,” Luke said.

Her character’s parents hire a schoolteacher to educate her, but he soon discovers that a curse of ignorance has been cast upon the town.

“‘Our Town’ left you in a more somber mood,” Luke said. “This one they present in a completely different way.”

Luke and Amy Brige, who plays Lenya, want the audience to enjoy the farce.

“I want them to be able to laugh,” Birge said. “I want them to be happy.”

Birge took a theater course in high school last year to learn more about backstage work, but it altered her goals.

“I discovered I love acting,” she said.

The cast includes 10 scripted characters and 10 ensemble characters who perform self-created skits between scenes.

“All of us have our different talents outside of theater that brings us all together,” Luke said.

This is the second production directed by English teacher Katie Morario.

“She has a way of running rehearsal that brings everyone together,” Luke said.

Tickets are available at the box office or through the Zionsville Performing Arts Center website beginning April 8.


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