At the Table with Anna


Where to go: Chiang Mai Thai Noodle

Address: 815 E. Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis

What to get: Cashew Nut

Price: $11.95

I ordered the medium Cashew Nut option at Chiang Mai Thai Noodle in Broad Ripple. (Photo by Anna Skinner)

Anna’s take: Chiang Mai Thai Noodle has ample menu options. Guests can choose between mild, medium, medium hot, hot, extra hot or Thai hot options. I went with the medium option. If you’re looking for something spicy, I suggest medium hot or hot. I am a big fan of Cashew Nut, a stir-fry chicken with cashews, carrots, mushrooms, baby corn and bell pepper. 

Chiang Mai Thai Noodle is right off the main drag in Broad Ripple, so the bustling restaurant is an excellent option if you’re looking for an authentic Thai meal while walking the Monon. During warm weather, I suggest you sit on the patio.

Suggesting pairings: I had never sampled Thai iced coffee before, and this was a groundbreaking experience for me. It was refreshing and slightly sweet. Get it for $2.99.


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