Bastian Solutions and Toyota Advanced Logistics holds grand opening


Bastian Solutions and Toyota Advanced Logistics held a grand-opening ceremony April 17 at the facility in northern Westfield.

Mayor Andy Cook thanked Bastian Solutions leadership – Bill Bastian, Sr. and Bill Bastian Jr. – at the event.

“For those of you that know me know I’m rather compassionate about family businesses,” Cook said during the grand-opening ceremony. “To see the Bastian family, father and son here, one of Indiana’s successful companies, for you to join forces with a world-renowned international corporation and do it right here in the City of Westfield, we are extremely honored, gentlemen, thank you for your success.” 

Cook called the company a trailblazer because it is the first company to build in Northpoint, a 300-acre business park in northern Westfield.

“As you can see, if you look around, there’s plenty of room for expansion,” Cook said. “We feel with this type of (development) coming in here, better get in line for a location. There aren’t too many like this, especially along the U.S. 31 freeway. For Bastian Toyota to have the confidence in this development and the City of Westfield, we are extremely grateful. You’ll have neighbors here before you even know it.”

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