Letter: Improve Holland Drive 



After living 20 years in Carmel, I am a 15-year resident of Fishers and am happy to say I am very happy with the Fishers lifestyle, convenience, image and comfort. Mayor (Scott) Fadness, in my view, has been one of the best things to happen to the community.

Although I believe there has been a quiet, very friendly contest between Mayor Fadness and Mayor (Jim) Brainard of Carmel to see who can build and grow the fastest, such efforts can only improve both cities. However, there is one thing Mayor Fadness could do that would be a major improvement to improve our image throughout the county.

Holland Park has been and is a major attraction and one of the neatest things Fishers has to offer. If the mayor wants to really improve that image, he can do something about the tooth-jarring, bone-crushing, car-rattling, mind-numbing condition of Holland Drive. Surely, with all the building, expansion and development going on, he can find a few dollars to resurface that disgrace to our community.

What do you think, Mr. Mayor? Is that a possibility?

Garry Lyon, Fishers


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