Fishers’ Holiday Farmers Market runs through December


Fishers’ Holiday Farmers Market runs from 9 a.m. to noon each Saturday through the end of December at Roy G. Holland Memorial Park, 1 Park Dr.

Parks and Recreation Director Sarah Sandquist said the market schedule has been tweaked.

“It’s a little of the same and a little different. We have shortened our season,” she said. “It used to run from November to March, and we have shortened our season to just November and December.”

Sandquist said attendance typically declines after December.

“We really care about the vendors, and this is a business opportunity for them. The experience for customers when the attendance is so low, it’s just hard to have a market going for both sides,” she said. “Fresh produce dwindles after the end of the year, and we thought we would really put our focus into this holiday market in November and December where people can purchase produce and prepared food for all holidays and celebrations happening over the next two months.”

The market features 20 vendors. Breakfast items are available. For more, visit