One bike, two guys, four programs


By Mary Allgier

Two dads and one bike versus 1,033 miles.

That’s the challenge two Carmel dads will be facing next month when they bike to Orlando for a good cause. Jim Serger and Scott Golden plan to hit the road and raise awareness for suicide, literacy, cancer and addiction organizations.

“We’re riding for other people to understand there are groups out there to help others who face these situations,” Serger said. “There are groups you can turn to for help.”

The groups Serger and Golden want to support are the National Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Prospect House in Cincinnati, the Multiple Myeloma Research foundation and the International Reading Association. In 1991, Serger’s father attempted suicide in 1991, and in 2008 was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

“My dad is alive because of all four of these programs, “said Serger. “I wanted to pay it forward because so many of those groups have helped me and my family.”

Serger said the idea came to him after reading a book on being an everyday philanthropist. One of the book’s points was that everyone has time to give.

“Everyone has time. We gave up our vacation time,” Serger said.

Not long after finishing the book, Serger saw a story on ESPN about Bo Jackson’s 300-mile ride through Alabama for tornado relief.

“I thought, ‘That’s it!’ That’s what I’m doing!” Serger said.

On October 20, Serger’s father’s birthday, Gold and Serger will head out with one bike and a support vehicle. The men will then take turns riding 65 miles a day.

“I hadn’t ridden a bike in 20 years,” Serger said. “I’ve been biking every day and have logged 1,141 miles since June 19. Once you start focusing on something, you can do anything you want if you ask for help.”

The main things Serger wants people to learn from their trek is that teamwork is crucial to getting along in life and to never be afraid to ask for help.

“Raise your hand, and everyone will come to your aid, but don’t push it off and say it won’t happen to me,” he said.

Serger runs a blog with info about the trip and talks about the other organizations of which he wants people to be aware. To donate, go to



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