Letter: Zionsville Road signal a waste of resources



I agree that after seven or more years of dodging potholes on Zionsville Road between 86th and 96th streets, the repairs are a welcome relief.

Now, for the last three years, we’ve had to deal with that annoying traffic light at the Dow Agro entrance that turns red for Zionsville Road when there are no cars waiting at the Dow Agro exit. At 5 p.m., northbound traffic on Zionsville Road backs up from Dow all the way to 86th Street when there is no one waiting at the Dow exit. Even when someone is waiting at the Dow Agro exit, they should have to wait until there is a break in traffic on Zionsville Road instead of impeding traffic flow for one or two exiting cars.

In addition, there are many tanker trucks that get stopped at that Dow traffic light. It is quite difficult for them to get up to speed again when the light finally turns green because they are waiting on an uphill grade. That traffic signal was an incredible waste of resources.

James Adoba, Zionsville