Letter: Wilson’s diatribe disturbing



I must take issue with Danielle Wilson’s column in the March 10 issue of Current. Her diatribe on “Phoning it in” was very disturbing. Her admitting to failing at a resolution to give up her “potty mouth” was bad enough. Then, her talking about giving up something for Lent, indicating adherence to a religious tenet, she admitted to failing at that and telling her kid(s) to make their own F****ing mac & cheese was a clear indication of how far our society has become such an uncivil mess. Did she think that was funny? Did she think that was cute? Did she think that was being liberated? Did she think at all?

I agree that I am probably a dinosaur, but I see absolutely no redeeming social significance to the use of the F-bomb in mixed company or, especially, in front of one’s own children. To do so should, in my view, be an easily prosecutable felony. There is enough coarseness in TV and the movies, it sure isn’t necessary for parents to reinforce it.

Garry Lyon, Fishers