City receives grant for wastewater utility


The city of Noblesville has received a $26,690 grant from the Indiana Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency for Water Treatment Program. The grant will help the Noblesville Wastewater Utility Department save energy by partially funding the installation of energy controllers on 29 inductive motors and panels in both the plant and nine lift stations by January 2011.

“This grant will really help our Wastewater Utility reduce its electrical energy consumption,” said Mayor John Ditslear in a release.  “We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the State of Indiana once again on an energy-saving program,” he added.

The project will reduce electric utility bills, increase system capacity, improve voltage, and reduce electrical losses.

“The utility’s inductive motors will be more efficient, thanks to improving the power factor of energy in the plant and the lift stations with the use of capacitors,” explained Noblesville Wastewater Utility Director Ray Thompson.

The new system will also offer surge protection for the motors and reduce heat, which will decrease maintenance and wear and tear on the equipment.

“This project is a perfect fit for the Wastewater Utility’s new Environmental Management System,” Thompson added.  “We’re very excited.”

The Utility voluntarily implemented an Environmental Management System in 2009 based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001:2004 model. ISO 14001 is a management tool enabling an organization of any size or type to identify and control the environmental impact of its activities, products or services; to improve its environmental performance continually; and to implement a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and targets, to achieving these, and to demonstrate that they have been achieved.  Contractors will work to install the energy controllers by January 2011.

The Indiana Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency Water Treatment Program offers financial assistance to government-owned Water Treatment Facilities for projects that reduce a facility’s energy consumption. The department awarded grants to various Indiana municipalities to fund the installation of highly efficient pumps, motors, and blowers.