Nancy Irsay new chairperson for Christmas Seals, American Lung Association


Nancy Irsay, Carmel resident and wife of former Colts owner Robert Irsay, knows the importance of lung health.  Herself afflicted with a genetic lung diseases, Alpha-1 Antritrypsin Deficiency, Irsay understands the role of simply knowing how to care for your lungs, just as anyone checks their cholesterol and for heart disease.

As the chairperson for the American Lung Association’s annual Christmas Seals drive, Irsay will take on a role as spokesperson and educator, helping to bring about a greater awareness of lung diseases and conditions.  The Christmas Seals are a holiday tradition for the Association which goes back a century, and through purchasing the seals, anyone can use the stamps to acknowledge the donation and also raise awareness for lung health.

“It is so important that everyone purchases Christmas Seals to include in their Christmas letters and cards and such show their support,” said Irsay.  “The Seals allow us to fund programs and educate people about lung health.”

All proceeds of the seals directly benefit educational programming, outreach and development, and community programs to help end lung diseases and bring awareness.  To purchase a Christmas Seal from the American Lung Association or learn more about the organization, visit or call the Indiana branch’s phone at (317) 819-1181. 

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