Gala behind the scenes: the volunteers


The Palladium Grand Opening Gala takes place next week and final preparations are underway to make sure the evening meets expectations.  In order to pull off not only the Gala on January 29, but also two months of tuning concerts, an army of volunteers needed to be marshaled.  The man Steven Libman tapped on the shoulder to come up with a platoon was none other than Gary Frey of Carmelfest fame.

Way back in August, Gary was told that he needed to come up with 150 people who would be responsible for a myriad of duties that run from parking cars to greeting guests.  In order to pull together so many volunteers in such a short period of time, Gary used a new volunteer chain system.  He simply asked 15 quality, hardworking friends to find 15 quality, hardworking friends and he was amazed to witness the results.  He met his quota in less than 7 days.  Congratulations and many thanks to the original 15 that said YES.

The organizing Leadership Team serving with Gary is made up of volunteers, Sherry Russell, Richard Carriger, Gary Hubbard and Dawn TerHorst .  Operating under the Leadership team are various committees, each tasked with certain duties.

Margie Fougeron:  Ask Me Committee

Cindy Roberts-Greiner:  Welcome & Smiling Faces Brigade

Mike Jeter:  Tour Guides/Community Day Open House

Mary Inchauste:  SWAG Bags

Kara Riggle:  Registration and Guest Check-In

Jim Burrell:  Crowd Management and Ticket Control

Joe Kempler:  Pre-Party/Post Party Organizer

Tom Britt:  Transition/Community Day Performers

Marilyn Jeter:  Pre-Event Team

Mike Granger:  Setup/Snow Patrol

All of these people responded to the need for volunteer effort and recruited others to help make sure all of the special assignments are accomplished professionally and with extra loving care.  There will be many visitors from out of town, especially members of the media covering the opening of a facility that is unequaled in the Midwest.   With this special group of people, Carmel Indiana will shine as the world welcomes the Palladium into the exclusive club of unmatched, unexpected and truly unique performance venues in the country.

 Next week look for an article about the Trinity Free Clinic’s 5th Annual “Tailgate for Care” Super Bowl-Themed Fundraiser on Friday, February 4, 2011, at 6:00 P.M.,  to be held at the Ritz Charles. .

The O’Connor House Annual Fundraising Gala, entitled “A Mother’s Hope,” will be held at the Ritz Charles on February 5, 2011.   More on both events next week.