Youth Halloween Writing Contest Entries


Eyes Behind the Water Heater ~ By Abbie Klinker, age 12


Hoo! Hoo! An owl cried softly, mysteriously. Branches reached out and caught my hair, vines tangled my feet. I shouldn’t be doing this, but I was. It was Halloween night and for some reason I was following my sister back to her middle school to make sure she got her homework. And she had to take a “short cut.”

“It’s just up here!” Gail called far up ahead of me. I couldn’t see her, but I knew she was without a scratch. She came though here everyday and swore it was faster than the sidewalk. She could maneuver easily through anything.

When I finally caught up to Gail, she had stopped dead in her tracks. The school was lit up with an eerie greenish glow, seeping through every crack in the blinds.

Slowly, we walked up to the school. I heard a haunting tune as soon as I started up the steps. But when I looked at Gail to see if she heard it too, her eyes were blank, her shoulders slouched and it looked like she was sleepwalking.

 She started up the steps to the school and opened the door. I followed her wondering if this was a trick or if she really was in some sort of trance. Gail led me inside to the boiler room and opened door. When I finally took my eyes off my sister and looked into the room, the most horrific sight met my eyes. Standing there, armed with a razor-sharp knife was the source of the song and the light.

It was a girl, who had the same blank stare as Gail, but her eyes were ominous as well. Her mouth was open, the melody came out, but her lips didn’t move at all. Wait, I recognized this girl. It was Gail’s best friend—Cora, no wonder she “called” Gail to her. Now I had to find a way to snap both of them out of this.

Then I saw it, there was something in her ear, a microchip of some sort controlling her. As I tried to get behind her, I got a little scrape from the knife, but once I succeeded, I stuck my finger in her ear and pulled out the chip. The music stopped and the light ceased. Cora’s head snapped up, looked at the knife, and dropped it, startled. My sister and her friend were back to normal, and before Cora or Gail could ask any questions, I took the knife and sawed the microchip-thingy in half. Who put it there, I don’t know and what they intended Cora to do is a mystery. But I swear I saw a pair of eyes behind the water heater.


Will’s Adventure ~ By Kalan Bilbrey, Age 9


Professor Greenburg, the famous archeologist, went to Egypt to investigate ancient pyramids. He had explored 39 pyramids in his career. His twelve-year-old son, Will, got to go on the trip too, but he wasn’t allowed to go inside any of the pyramids. Will had to stay with his Uncle Clay while his dad went inside the pyramids.

The professor was supposed to have been gone one week, but hadn’t been seen for a month. Will was getting worried so he asked his Uncle Clay to take him to the pyramid his dad was investigating. Will brought his friend Bakari on the 50-mile jeep ride to the pyramid. The locked pyramid door was covered in hieroglyphic shapes. Will remembered his dad mentioning a secret hieroglyphic code that went phoenix, pharaoh, duck, and he pushed the code shapes in order on the door. It opened automatically – or at least they thought so.

They explored the whole pyramid but they didn’t find Professor Greenburg. They went back to where the jeep was, but it was gone. The earth shook and mummies popped out of the ground. The mummies started chasing them so they climbed up the outside of the pyramid to the very top. Bakari stepped on a fake brick and fell into the very top secret room of the pyramid. He saw Professor Greenburg sitting there! Uncle Clay and Will dropped their pyramid-climbing rope down into the hole and pulled Bakari and Professor Greenburg out of the pyramid.

“Thanks for getting me out guys! Mummies trapped me in there three weeks ago because they didn’t like me looking at their stuff,” said Professor Greenburg. “Come on – I have a jeep parked on the other side of the pyramid.”

The four guys got in the jeep, but mummies were close on their tail. Professor Greenburg said, “Don’t worry – mummies can’t go more than 50 yards from their pyramid or else they evaporate.”

They drove to Uncle Clay’s house for a celebration dinner. Professor Greenburg said, “That is the scariest adventure I’ve ever been on!”


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