Run with a Cop teams with We Run Westfield


The City of Westfield is lacing up its running shoes for a good cause. The WE RUN WESTFIELD running/walking team, which is composed of some government employees, is gearing up to race for a reason at the Indy 500 Mini Marathon on May 5.

According to Carrie Cason, City of Westfield spokesperson, the team hopes to raise money for the Westfield Youth Assistance Program. Mayor Andy Cook is leading the charge and training to compete in the race. He makes it clear he’ll be walking the 13.1 miles, not running.

The WE RUN WESTFIELD team consists of several employees and community members who want to benefit YAP, a program to help youth in need.

“This is a completely new way to approach at-risk youth,” said Cook. “We are identifying youth heading down the wrong path, reaching out to them, providing treatment for the entire family and ultimately ensuring the child begins heading down the right path.”

WE RUN WESTFIELD is teaming up with Westfield’s “Run with a Cop” Running Club.

“In an effort to expand and get more community involvement, we want to merge both programs,” Westfield Police Chief Joel Rush said. “I think by combining forces, we can better promote health and fitness, and YAP community-wide.”

WE RUN WESTFIELD will be meeting twice a week at Westfield’s Quaker Park, Wednesdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 8 a.m., for training runs beginning March 7. Even if you’re not a runner, walkers and bikers are welcome.

“The group would like to take advantage of Westfield’s great trail system, so meeting locations may change,” Cason said.

WE RUN WESTFIELD has a new Facebook page, so “like” it and receive updates on locations, training and overall health and fitness.

Additionally, if you’d like to support YAP,you can purchase a WE RUN WESTFIELD T-shirt for $20.Call 804-3001, or e-mail for details.