Making sense of George Kaiser



If readers Bob and Stacy Brake are correct, and George Kaiser is a Solyndra investor and is worth $10 billion (I believe that is a 10 with nine zeros), and the loan to Solyndra from the federal government was for $535 million, why didn’t he make the loan to Solyndra and not have the taxpayers be “on the hook” for the failed venture? After all, as a Solyndra investor, he must have been confident the company was going to be successful! The amount of the loan would have been (in the language of the Brakes, mere pocket change) to Mr. Kaiser – actually, about half of 1 percent his apparent worth. But who cares? Our government spends money like it’s water and, after all, has the ability to print as much as it wants. Beside, when all else fails, we can always blame George Bush.

Ralph Wayne Long