HCA responds to Current article



Your Feb. 21 article on the Hamilton County Alliance brings visibility to the challenge many nonprofits experience in fundraising, especially during the tough economic times of the last four years.The Alliance promotesthe economic vitality of Hamilton County. The communities, County and private sector have all been good partners,but the economy (especially related to the housing/homebuilding industry) doesn’t discriminate.The Alliance has weathered the storm and will be better for it.

Your writers did a good job capturing the facts, but that is only part of the story. The economic health of Hamilton County is everyone’s business. The Alliance was created to be a convener of public/private interests in order to be an efficient and effective team in growing the county’s economy. We believe we have done this, but more work remains. The Alliance, as with many businesses, is changing to reflect new realities. What we are not changing is our overall mission of championing the economic interests of the county (and communities) in a very competitive world. To do that, we need the continuing and growing participation of the private and public sectors.


Ron Brumbarger, Chair

Hamilton County Alliance

Jeff Burt, President

Hamilton County Alliance