WWS Stakeholder Review reveals impressive numbers

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Westfield Washington Schools has released the new Stakeholder Review for the district’s students, families and community to see how the district is progressing in the 2011-2016 Strategic Plan.
In August, the Board of School Trustees approved a new five-year strategic plan for 2011-2016, which consists of aggressive goals to help drive the district’s vision for world-class achievement.

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WWS Supt. Dr. Mark Keen presented the first 2011-2016 Stakeholder Review to the school board at last week’s meetingtoshare the status of meeting the plan’s goals.
Cindy Keever, executive director of Quality Performance, further explained how the plan centers the district’s goals for career and college readiness.

“Today’s graduates need to be even more skilled and need to have reached greater levels of achievement than their parents needed just to enjoy equivalent success in their adult lives and careers,” Keever said.

According to Keever, the Stakeholder Review highlights the district is raising the bar by achieving more than a 90 percent graduation rate.

To review the district’s strategic plan and Stakeholder Review, click here.