‘Gov’ makes major move on U.S. 31 project

Brian Kelly and Steve Greenberg

As you may know, Gov. Mitch Danielssaid last week the U.S. 31 project in Hamilton County will be completed three years ahead of schedule, or by 2015, with the use of contractor financing. This is brilliant! Daniels, exhibiting why we still believe he’s presidential material, said the cost-saving project will be bid in one bundle and be built less expensively. As a result, INDOT intends to bundle remaining construction phases for U.S. 31 in our county into one contract, taking advantage of low construction and financing costs. INDOT would then repay the contractor over seven to 10 years using state and federal transportation resources.

* * *

Have you ever noticed how, when faced with expected revenue shortfalls, our elected officials don’t slow spending, but instead, have no problems requiring taxpayers to wait for tax decreases? The latest example: Sen. Luke Kenley, R-Noblesville, expressing concern over a two-month shortfall in expected state revenue, now questions speeding a proposed 10-year phase-out of the state inheritance tax. Of course, House and Senate budget leaders had no problems agreeing to spend about $80 million more in the coming year on full-day kindergarten. Spending never waits, but taxpayers always do.

* * *

Now that we’re all preparing for our annual fleecing on April 17, we’re reminded of that legislative giant, Charlie Rangel. Remember him? You may recall ol’ Charlie (D-N.Y.) didn’t want to bother with those pesky taxes relating to rental income from his villa in the Dominican Republic. After the House Ethics Committee censored him in December 2010, he was required to pay those back taxes. We’ve not heard a word about this, and we’re wondering if Charlie paid those. Well, Charlie, have you?


By Brian Kelly and Steve Greenberg