Happening This Week – 3/13


ND Happening Casa“Casa de mi Padre” (Friday) – Will Ferrell plays the lead in this Spanish-language indie film following the Alvarez brothers who find themselves in a war with Mexico’s most infamous drug lord.

ND Happening JourneyJourney (Today) – The newest game from thatgamecompany, Journey features the player as a robed figure in a vast desert journeying toward a distant mountain. With innovative multiplayer and visual storytelling, this is one game not to be missed. PlayStation 3, $15.

Eddie Brill (Thursday through Sunday) –American comedian, writer and actor, Eddie Brill is thecoordinator of the “Late Show with David Letterman.” Well-respected within the industry, Brill is well-versed in making people laugh. Morty’s Comedy Joint (3625 E. 96th St., Indianapolis), $15. Call 848-5500.

ND Happening Letters“Letters from Birmingham” by Ruben Studdard (Today) – Ruben Studdard’s fifth studio album, “Letters from Birmingham,” continues in his rhythm and blues legacy with the single, “June 28th (I’m Single).”

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