‘We Were Soldiers’ author Joe Galloway to speak in Tipton

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Since 1991, Galloway has received four different major industry awards for his coverage of the Vietnam War.

On Wednesday, award-winning war correspondent and author Joe Galloway will be in Tipton for a two-day event, beginning with the screening of the movie based on his book,“We Were Soldiers.”“We Were Soldiers” was named one of the top 10 books on war of all time by Military History magazine. In addition to the screening, Galloway will speak on his four tours in Vietnam and the local soldiers from Tipton High School,whom he now thinks of as brothers.

Galloway will be in attendance at the special screening of “We Were Soldiers.” The film starred Mel Gibson as Col. Hal Moore. Actor Barry Pepper played the role of Galloway, a young reporter at the time who caught a helicopter ride into one of the most violent and hardest fought battles of the Vietnam War, and was awarded the Bronze Star for his efforts.

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Galloway’s appearance was arranged by his friend and fellow writer Shari Smith, a graduate of Tipton High School. Smith founded an organization responsible for bringing different aspects of the arts to rural communities throughout the nation.

Smith met Galloway when he read some of her writing and contacted her to tell her how much he enjoyed her work.

“You don’t get those calls every day,” said Smith. “You remember it when an American hero takes the time to say, ‘Hey kid, you done good.’”

When traveling nearby while on speaking tours, Galloway has been known to use Smith’s farmhouse as a resting spot.

“If Joe (Galloway) is coming, every room (in the house) is full of other writers. We sit and listen, begging him to keep telling stories,” said Smith.

Tickets for each event can be purchased at the Moose Lodge (765-675-2262), American Legion (765-675-4180), The Wild Bookstore, Courthouse Square in Noblesville or by contacting Debbie Frazier at the Tipton Police Dept. Tickets are $10 for the film screening and $15 for the speaking event.

  • What: “We Were Soldiers” screening and speaking event
  • When: Film – Wednesday, 7 p.m. Speaking Event – Thursday, 7 p.m.
  • Where: Film – Diana Theater, 137 E. Jefferson St., Tipton. Speaking Event – Tipton High School, 619 S. Main St., Tipton.