Why not run different religious views?



I will start by saying I love God with all my heart, soul, strength and mind. I am a Christian.

I do find it odd I find the need to espouse or broadcast my personal beliefs before I give my opinion regarding Bob Walter’s column. First, his column used to be titled “Spirituality.” I see that has changed, because the appropriate heading would be “Christianity.”

When I first read the visitor’s comments to the editor, I was hopeful his column would change. I can see by the most recent editorial that obviously some people are very happy with his column. My objection is his blatant evangelizing. When the column was titled “Spirituality,” it really bothered me. If the column is about spirituality, it is possible to interview people of different faiths and educate all of us. Perhaps there could be a column about famous people in Indiana and their beliefs. From Current, I have been assuming everyone in Carmel is a Christian, and perhaps they are.

I strongly believe there are so many ways to put religion in Current. Isn’t this a secular newspaper? Should there be a Judaism column or even another Christian column since Bob clearly espouses to a particular branch of Christianity? Dare I say a column or two that explains the different Muslim sects?

In Bob’s most recent column, he said, “Thanks anyway, I have my own.” I agree. But, I do not shun the existence of God and his perfect glory. I shun proselytizing. I pray I am not shunned by writing this.

I look forward to getting Current every week. I am relatively new to Carmel, and it provides an excellent service for me. Bless all of you who read Current!

Susan Moore