High fives all around for state hoops title

Brian Kelly and Steve Greenberg

Congratulations to the Carmel High School boys basketball team for winning the recent Class 4A state championship. Tips of the hat also go to Guerin and Park Tudor for their respective state titles. With respect to Carmel, it’s an incredible achievement for a program that all but started over in the aftermath of the bullying incident a couple years ago. Coach Scott Heady came in, his players bought in and thus was the ship righted. Not to detract from the buzz this championship has delivered, but we truly believe there is a lot more to the bullying story than any of us on the outside have been told. In time, we hope, those with rock-solid knowledge of the details will come forward. For the meantime, the team should take a deserved bow for its accomplishment. Applaud its effort and achievement.

* * *

We’ve taken shots at the inadequacies of the federal government. We’ve pointed out where fiscal insanity seems to rule over all else. A colleague, though, pointed us to an organization whose sole function is to track the states’ effectiveness in integrity, and what we learned about Indiana made us shudder. Hoosier Nation ranks 22nd nationally, and what’s frightening is Illinois, the Land of Lincoln (and imprisoned governors), ranks 10th. State Integrity Investigation scored our state C-. Our government was given a grade of F on public access to information, political financing, ethics enforcement agencies and redistricting. Legislative accountability – here’s a shocker – was scored a D-, although we’re surprised it, too, wasn’t given an F. If you point your browser to www.stateintegrity.org/Indiana, you might be as surprised as we were. It’s a brilliant watchdog tool.

* * *

We have welcomed aboard Stirling Matheson as our Carmel managing editor. The Butler graduate’s background is in reporting and shorter writing for the Web, which suits us just fine. Stirling may be reached at [email protected].