Westfield Rotary Club goes global


Every Tuesday at noon, men and women eat lunch and brainstorm how to help their community. The Westfield Rotary Club has lent its hand to people and places all throughout Westfield. The Westfield chapter has been helping all over the world.

“We have started a project that teaches people in impoverished situations to learn to farm and provide for themselves,” Olsen said.

Although the chapter is small, it is most definitely mighty. Its members effortlessly strive to raise money for their ventures to help others by providing events that help their community, such as the annual golf tournament and the firsthalf marathon/marathon to add to the chapter’s $20,000 pot of money for Haiti.

The local chapter has been making a name for itself as a group of people who are doing their part in the world for years, and the nation is taking notice. The chapter was recently awarded the Governor’s Certificate and the Presidential Certificate.

Rotary Club President Cindy Olsen said she was looking for a group to call home when she moved to Westfield years ago and found more than she could have imagined in the unity of Westfield’s Rotary Club.

“It has become a family for me. I was looking for somewhere to belong and I was in the Rotary before I moved from Illinois.”

For more information, visit www.westfieldrotary.net.