Facing a new endeavor

CIW Fresh faces
Trina Byers and Jon Kidd

There’s a fresh face at Union Street. Trina Byers and her fiance Jon Kidd are exfoliating the old and keeping the charm of the once-vacant building with a salon full of relaxation.

SkinFix Spa first opened in Carmel in Aug. 2011, but Byers said their spa, which features facial peels, cellulite reduction and lash tinting among its services, quickly outgrew that location. But they’ve found the perfect face-lift for their business, and they are now nestled in downtown Westfield.

“Once we found the house, we loved its location, its charm and its quaint downtown setting,” Byers said.

The business currently serves 575 regular clients and is growing. Kidd said the quick growth mirrors what’s happening in Westfield.

“[Westfield] is still growing, and we saw a chance to grow even more here,” Kidd said. “It’s becoming a Hamilton County Mecca, but it still keeps its small-town feel.”

Kidd, who formerly worked in concrete manufacturing, said taking on a completely different industry has been worthwhile. As Kidd manages the business side of SkinFix Spa, he said the value isn’t always in revenue.

“I work to decrease any stress from owning a business so she [Byers] can do her job and the things she loves to do with her job,” he said.

Byers said she and Kidd have struck a balance as entrepreneurs.

“We have a lot of fun working together, I think we do it really well,” Byers said. “It’s a little give and a little take.”

Kidd said there are a lot of passion and dedication behind their success.

“She has the vision, I have the action,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s concrete blocks or skincare, as long as the focus is there, it’s the same process.”