About the grain elevator remains …


Many of you have asked, and we have what we believe to be the correct answer, courtesy of our managing editor, Jordan Fischer. The question: Why hasn’t the rubble left by the demolition of the grain elevator in Midtown been removed? The answer: Because IDEM can’t haul it off to a single dump, and there are traces of pesticides found by IDEM and the EPA. We still don’t understand the rush to demolish the elevator a couple months ago. Seems more study was prudent, but we’ll never know. For now, we’re left with an immutable pile of toxic junk.

* * *

Through our untrained political eyes, we view President Barack Obama actually defining what challenger Mitt Romney represents for and to the American people. If that truly is the case, Romney had best assert himself, or it’ll be lights out before the game ever begins. It’s something for all of us to watch. Tell us if you disagree.

* * *

A friend recently told us his daughter is fired up for school … which, for her, begins next Monday. She attends a private school, but, still, whatever happened to summer? Back in the day, which is how it should be today, we were out the first Friday in June, back the day after Labor Day. If this kid we know wanted to go to summer camp, for instance, she would have barely made it to the fourth of the traditional eight weeks – given most camps’ calendars. There is too much time off during the year. We believe 180 days can be achieved and still give the kids a full summer.

* * *

The Department of Energy, which was created in 1977 to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, has beefed up to 16,000 employees and an annual budget of $29.5billion. Oh, and we now import oil more than ever. What a joke! Sounds like a “green” initiative to us. And how!