Noblesville School Board leadership must change


Did you know that the school board met for an all day working session on September 7th? Did you know what was on their agenda? If the answer is NO, you are not alone.

At this meeting the school board discussed very important topics such as the 2013-2020 Strategic Plan, capital improvements, and other issues impacting our school system.

This meeting wasn’t posted anywhere on the district website. There was no agenda available. Dr. Conner and President Jane Barr felt compelled to invite the school board candidates but apparently didn’t feel that the residents/taxpayers of Noblesville needed to know. Though they didn’t break the law this time (unlike earlier this year), the board and superintendent did the bare minimum to comply.

On Sept. 18, the board “rubber stamped” several of those items decided on Sept. 7. They did so knowing a majority of board seats will be filled in the upcoming election and without ever showing a slide or having a discussion. Six days later, the board and Dr. Conner finally decided make public all the decisions they made on Sept. 7. Unfortunately, and yet again, the school board continues to make real decisions outside of the public view and use their board meetings to approve. If you haven’t seen the decisions, I would encourage you to look at them and ask questions like – Why? They are important to us.

It’s tough to hold these members accountable during election time if they don’t share enough information to judge their performance before decisions are made. Perhaps that’s the goal. Hopefully, the school board will decide to publish some of reasoning behind these important decisions and maybe some actual data. There certainly wasn’t any provided during the meeting last week. Regardless, the residents deserve vastly better transparency and accountability from this school board and Dr. Conner. If they won’t commit to change, maybe it’s time for a change.


Mike Berglund