Why only make changes once a year?


Each and every year as December ends and January begins, talk of New Year’s resolutions seems to be everywhere. Some people swear to change their lives in a number of ways at the beginning of the new year, while there are others that outwardly deny the concept of resolutions. While I am certainly of the opinion that making yourself and your life better is a great idea, I have never found that only attempting to do so at one specific time of year is all that helpful. That is why I am not making any resolutions this year.

Most all of us want to make our lives better. We want to quit that bad habit, get a better job, lose weight, live a more active or healthy lifestyles and the list goes on and on. For the most part, setting out to make a drastic change at one specific moment in time has always led me to failure. Maybe that is just due to a personally low supply of willpower, but I feel it is more the pressure of giving ourselves ultimatums, deadlines and goals that are unrealistic.

The most permanent change is that which comes slowly. It is one of the reason’s the government of the United States was created to operate as frustratingly slowly as it does. Not one group of people can make a drastic decision and the next day make it law. This same principal is why all of the weight loss success stories seem to be those people who made a point to slowly implement reasonable and sound changes into their diet and lifestyle.

Setting out to make a better you is always a good thing to do, but setting yourself up for success when doing so is even better. Remember that in most circumstances, you have plenty of time to implement the change. Be steady in your personal improvements and track your progress over months, rather than days. Don’t get hung up on goals and timelines as, in my experience, doing so always leads to discouragement. Carry on toward your goal regardless of any of these other factors and eventually, if your heart is in it, you will get there.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a better us now and any other time of the year!