Weingardt aims for downtown definition


Sophomore Fishers Town Councilor John Weingardt is the third council president to serve in recent times – behind Walt Kelly and current Councilor Scott Faultless.
Weingardt will serve as the council president for one year before handing the reigns to another councilor as the Town of Fishers inches closer to becoming the City of Fishers with an elected mayor.
When Weingardt accepted the presidential position at the Jan. 7 council meeting, he referenced a comment he came across expressing how the council should go into cruise control as the town transitions to a city.
“I think that’s a disservice to our citizens,” he said. “Our citizens hired us to do a job.”
He said that job included leaving the first mayor with Fishers in its best possible shape, including a a vibrant downtown, a fiscally strong budget and a great staff.
When asked what his goals were for his one-year term, Weingardt said to continue an initiative that started when he was elected – to define a downtown for Fishers.
Other goals on his list for 2013 include creating more jobs for Fishers.
It takes a major effort from members of the staff, including the town manager, to attract and pull in “corporate citizens,” Weingardt said.
Weingardt said he could not comment on any possible job announcements as of press time, but there is a possible announcement regarding a business deal coming in February at the state of the town address.
He said the move to council president was a bit of a jump, but for the council to act on anything, four votes would be required.
“I don’t see that (becoming council president) as a dramatic change,” he said.
The town staff is some of the best people he has had the chance to work with, including those in the business sector, Weingardt said.