Lurie’s wife files restraining order


Less than two weeks after her husband Even Lurie’s arrest, Jennifer Lurie filed a restraining order on the couple’s assets.

Attorney Jim Reed filed the motion March 3 in Hamilton County Superior Court, with a hearing set for April 1. Reed did not return a phone call seeking comment.

This is the second restraining order Jennifer Lurie has filed against her husband, Evan Lurie; in 2005, she filed a physical restraining order, although it was withdrawn months later. The 2005 restraining order documents were destroyed in 2008.

During an earlier interview, Evan Lurie refused to comment about the 2005 restraining order.

Evan Lurie was arrested Feb. 22 and charged in Marion County with patronizing a prostitute and possession of paraphernalia, both misdemeanors, after allegedly attempting to pay an undercover police officer for sex. After the arrest became public, Lurie was contrite.

“I’m sorry for the embarrassment I caused to my family and the people who trusted me,” the admittedly distraught and embarrassed Lurie said. “I’ve got to look to God for guidance and do what I can to rebuild trust with my family and friends.”

It’s unclear what potential divorce proceedings would mean to the Evan Lurie Gallery in the Carmel Arts & Design District.

Mayor Jim Brainard already has moved to distance the city from the disgraced art dealer somewhat, decided against a proposed $60,000 art-consultant contract for Lurie, although some business relationships will remain. Although the Carmel Redevelopment Commission’s office lease on the second floor of the stylishgallery ends in September, Carmel currently isnegotiating for the Carmel Utilities office to take its place.