Current in Zionsville is 1 today



It has been an exciting ride since Current in Zionsville launched one year ago today. Current was first introduced in Carmel in October 2006 and now includes circulation of more than 105,000 households in our five reader areas including Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, Noblesville, and most importantly, Zionsville. As the managing editor of Current in Zionsville since the December 11, 2012 edition, I have enjoyed making connections while wandering around town. You have been welcoming and friendly with positive comments, for the most part. By the way, I like the feedback so keep it coming, positive or constructive, so we can continue to grow and meet your needs.

Along with the, “We love your little newspaper,” and ,“It’s great to have another option in town,” one repeating theme I have heard since I started reporting in August goes something like this, “We want more Zionsville news,” or “There’s too much Carmel in it.”  Although we do repurpose material that we believe reaches across the Michigan Road boundary and is relevant to you, our Zionsville readers, I have personally been working to make your paper a true Zionsville paper with awesome new local experts coming soon!

If you are a regular reader, then you know about our local viewpoints columns by Ward Degler, Donna Monday, Danielle Wilson, and my Wandering Around Zionsville column. We also have travel covered by Annie Rogers and Don Knebel with the recent addition of Kim Rockey sharing Wellness information and Jonathan Matthes sharing perspectives from a seminarian’s view.

To this list we will be adding local experts in fashion, body care, cooking, entertaining, real estate, and spirituality. Be on the lookout for periodic columns by Nikki Blaine, Antonio Fermin, Nadine Anderson, Sally Brown Bassett, Claudia Pearson, Nadine Anderson, Ron Hopwood, Zoe Moore, and Aaron Brockett to name a few. We also encourage you to share your expertise with information that would help the community become “healthy, wealthy and wise.” We often print guest columnists and editorials to create dialogue around relevent topics to the community, so let me know.  You may be our next expert!

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.39.30 AMLastly, I wanted to announce that my life is officially not my own. I am now on Facebook and Twitter. Wait, now that I think about it, my life was officially taken over when I had kids years ago, but Facebook and Twitter make the invasion complete. My first tweet was when the Key Bank robbery broke last week, and I was on it!  The only problem was that I was on the wrong account. I was excited when I sent my first two tweets until I noticed I only had two followers – my boss and Janelle Morrison, our freelance reporter. Now, I am on the official Current in Zionsville Twitter @CI_Zionsville so please follow me to make it worth the life invasion. Like us on Facebook or at least check us out and send me some tips. I am a newby at this too.

Thank you for giving us a chance, and I hope you keep reading that paper that arrives in your mailbox each Tuesday, unless it’s a Monday holiday and then it arrives on Saturday.

Here’s to an exciting year ahead for your Zionsville paper which “connects the community to events and people, creates dialogue on relevant topics, and communicates local news so You are Current.”  We will see where we wander together in the coming year…