Carmel City Council – April 15, 2013


Citizen Concerns: Veteran’s Memorial reflecting pool

“Its current condition is an insult to all the veterans who have served,” John Acceturro commented on the reflecting pool’s cracking perimeter.

Kathy Wallace presented photos of crumbled edges and noted the material was actually cast stone. She’s concerned these conditions may appear in other projects such as the new steps linking the Monon to City Center Drive.

“This is not up to Carmel standards,” she said. “It gives the impression that the city doesn’t care or doesn’t know about it.”

“Forensic documents show that the cast product used for the reflecting pond was improper,” Councilor Eric Seidensticker stated.

The 2008 project’s air containment ranged two to three percent when six percent was required. He assured citizens the city is seeking a remedy.

“Hopefully, our legal staff will protect us at all costs with regard to replacing or repairing the cast stone,” he said.


What Happened: Fiber optic ordinance approved

An agreement between the City of Carmel and the Town of Fishers will complete the city’s fiber optic conduit. The city of Carmel has been laying underground conduit for three years in preparation of linking to a county line in Fishers. Carmel director of utilities John Duffy mentioned Carmel’s current radio system is obsolete.

“Fishers doesn’t wish to charge us anything,” he said.  “All of our communication issues should be greatly resolved.”


What Happened: Fund transfer for street paving

An ordinance could transfer $1.2 million from the Local Road and Street Fund for street paving and allocate appropriation reductions to the Motor Vehicle Highway Fund.

“Most people here agree this money needs to be moved,” said Councilor Snyder.  “It will total $1.7 million for the street department to cover the basic resurfacing and repairing of neighborhoods the city does on a yearly basis.”

What’s Next: The ordinance has been sent to the finance committee.  A public hearing will be held May 6.


What Happened: Crooked Stick Estates drainage

Crooked Stick residents seek a resolution to basements flooding after storms. Though streets and ponds don’t flood, the city approached the County Drainage Board. The board returned the resolution proposing the city pay for construction of a lift station.

Councilor Carol Schleif said neighborhood drainage failures are the county’s responsibility. “I’d like to see more discussion between ourselves and the county,” she said.

“It’s important that the County Commissioner have the opportunity to weigh in,” Councilor Eric Seidensticker suggested. “And, likely, return to the original position that the county would pay for it while the city would maintain it.”

What’s Next: The resolution has been sent to the Utilities, Transportation and Public Safety Committee.