City Council recap


By Karen Kennedy

Old Town Resident speaks up

Mary Eckert, a citizen of Old Town, spoke about her displeasure over an Indianapolis Star article on the Midtown Redevelopment in which developer Justin Moffett was quoted as describing her neighborhood as “a hodge-podge of dumpy old rentals.” Moffett also asked for a letter to be read aloud in which he wished to clarify that he felt his quote was taken out of context, and that he was not referring to the entire Old Town area, simply a few small sections north of Main Street.

Proposed gas station

An executive from Citizens Energy Group asked the council to stop the proposed Rickers gas station at 146th Street and River Road due to concerns about potential water supply contamination should a tank failure occur. Council President Rick Sharp reminded all in attendance that this is not an issue for the council to decide.

The area is zoned for use as a gas station; thus the council has no say in the matter.

Additionally, Carmel City Utilities has deemed the usage safe for the water supply. Councilor Kevin “Woody” Rider also noted that it would be of no avail to bring the water concern issue up at the upcoming Plan Commission meeting either, as the issue at hand there is appearance of the building, not the use of it.

“We are not going to discuss water,” said Rider (referring to the land use meeting.)

However, Councilor Ron Carter, who was among those who initially approved the PUD which allows the land to be used as a gas station, is now concerned.

“I think we made a mistake,” he said.

He expressed concerns about potential spills or tanker accidents.

AACT Theatre Festival

Sharp read a letter of thanks from the organizers of the AACT(American Association of Community Theatre) festival, which took place at the Center for the Performing Arts June 17 through 23. The letter read, in part, “Carmel was a gracious host, and our audiences loved the Tarkington Theatre and the Farmer’s Market.”