Coffee talk is his talk


By Chris Bavender

There’s just something about the scent of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air that puts a smile on your face.

Maybe it’s the idea of a morning spent leisurely sipping a cup watching the sun rise.

Maybe it’s the thought of spending time catching up with friends over a cup or two.

CIZ_DarrinsOr maybe, as it is for Darrin Marion, it’s the idea that a cup of coffee helps someone pursue their dreams.

“It was March 2010, and I was a coffee master at Starbucks and my store manager gave me the book by Howard Schultz on how he started Starbucks and it became the goldmine it is,” Marion said.

Marion started roasting coffee in his garage and sampling it with customers. When someone gave him $20 for the product, it dawned on Marion he might just have his own little goldmine.

A stint at the local farmers market led to an appearance on “Indy Style” on WISH-TV.

“I used a popcorn popper and roasted it right there in the studio,” he said. “People started calling and emailing after that, and I started taking it around to different farmer’s markets where I would try different blends.”

But Marion knew he wanted to one day have a storefront in the heart of Zionsville Village. When the space at 120 S. Main St., formerly occupied by G Simone’s Café, became available, Marion knew he’d found his location. He opened his business, Darrin’s Coffee, in early July.

“I roast on site and no other place that I know of does that,” he said. “But, I also wanted a sitting area where people could come in and buy a cup and be able to taste what we are roasting and stay awhile but also be able to get the whole beans as well. I just want it to be all about the coffee.”

Coffee and entertainment.

“I plan on doing some poetry readings and things like that here on site and just bring a bit of diversity to the community,” he said. “The city needs a place where they can grab a cup of coffee at night, and I want to add to the great atmosphere and culture you find in Zionsville.”