On and Off the Mat – Issues live in our tissues


Dr. Sally Brown Basset

If you have something unresolved in your life, it often creates toxins in many ways. Is something covering some past drama that is causing addictive type personality. Addictions don’t necessarily have to be just alcohol and drugs. They can be eating, shopping, gambling, hoarding, smoking, sex, being a workaholic and other things in excess. These things can be a way to cope with life’s stresses. Anything that takes someone out of the present moment can turn into an addiction.

There actually is a program that has been established by a yoga colleague and friend of mine, Nikki Myers, called the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery – Y12SR. It helps individuals with all types of addictions by using discussion, yoga, breath work and meditation to explore addiction and recovery within the mind/body continuum. It weaves together the wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of 12-step programs.

Yoga helps find the balance and complete integration to release physical stress, emotional pain, and prevent disease. First, yoga helps you to ground so that you can turn your life around and set sail on your own spiritual voyage. On the mat, yoga teaches us how we do anything is how we do everything.

When you clear out the issues that are living in your tissues, you will start feeling a connection to the world around you, feeling gratitude and feeling restored and renewed. Instead of running away from emotions, breathe it in. Breathe out the opposite. If you are dealing with anger, breathe in anger. Breathe out peace.

Until next time … Namaste!